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Children deserve chance at the American Dream

Date published: 4/24/2014

Children deserve chance at the American Dream

This is regarding the April 11 article titled "Kaine hears from women in business."

The article mentioned a local woman named Marta Berger who "has mentored children who are top students but cannot receive in-state tuition because they are not U.S. citizens."

It was stated that last year the Senate passed a bill that will allow legal status. That is my point--that was last year! This to me is the issue that needs to be addressed. The needs at hand are not being taken urgently and are just being tossed to the side.

These children are battling to succeed in our nation and are given no hope for furthering their education past high school. It is unbelievably hard in the U.S. to be granted legal status and to receive financial help for college.

Parents of unauthorized children often wish for their children to live that American Dream and to have a life they never did, but what is America doing to make these dreams come true?

I would love to see our nation take a stand, become more active in our community and make these "American Dreams" come true.

What really came from this meeting? What will Sen. Kaine do to help immigration reforms and increase the minimum wage and all the other issues at hand?

Samantha Miller