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With or without guns, there will be blood

Date published: 4/24/2014

With or without guns, there will be blood

I would like to offer a comment on last Sunday's commentary by Rob Huffman ["Where does the bloodthirstiness end?"].

In two words, Mr. Huffman, it doesn't.

Throughout human history, the thirst for violence has been ubiquitous. If you own guns, there is danger, and if you don't, there is danger, as well.

Life is a risk we all take, with or without firearms, until we die. Surely, Mr. Huffman realizes that. I think that will not change.

The other thing that will not change is the happy reaction of every dictator, mass murderer, street-level thug, home invader and power freak who celebrates and salivates at Mr. Huffman's words--"We come in peace. And we come unarmed."

Eckel Davis