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Wittman is no friend to federal employees

Date published: 4/24/2014

Wittman is no friend to federal employees

It seems like just yesterday (actually it was the last election) when Rep. Rob Wittman told his constituents, what a great friend he is to federal employees.

Unfortunately, he has proved again (and again and again) that he is no friend at all.

Following up last year's vote to freeze federal pay (for the third year in a row), he has now gone that extra step and voted to actually cut their pay! (I guess merely freezing their pay was not vindictive enough.)

The budget that Mr. Wittman recently voted for would reduce federal workers' paychecks by 5.5 percent. With this kind of friend, who needs enemies?

I would like to remind Mr. Wittman:

1. Some people claim federal workers are paid twice as much as everyone else, but they are comparing engineers and other professionals to kids working at Pizza Hut.

When comparing federal workers to private workers doing the same job, the private worker makes much more (almost 35 percent more, according to the Annual Report of the President's Pay Agent, 2012).

2. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the last pay freeze saved about $1.1 billion a year, or less money than we gave to Jordan in 2012! The money saved pales in comparison to the $50 billion we give away to foreign countries every year.

Apparently Mr. Wittman would rather spend your tax dollars in Jordan than in the U.S.

3. Virginia's economy depends on federal employees as much as any state in the nation. Mr. Wittman should remember that every dollar he denies federal workers is a dollar that won't be spent at a local business.

John Morris