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Paolucci is best choice for Ward 4 voters

Date published: 4/25/2014

Due to my recent illness and hospitalization, I have been unable to give Beatrice Paolucci the support and advocacy I feel she has earned by her dedicated, effective representation of the interests and concerns of her constituents in Ward 4 of the city for the past four years.

Our ward has faced a number of critical issues during this period: railroad tankers, public safety, traffic, community maintenance, etc.

Her interest in, and response to, these problems made a significant difference in the quality of life we now enjoy.

Ms. Paolucci's competitor, Charlie Frye, is a fine young man with whom I have a friendly relationship. He has the potential to be a good councilman, if he gets additional knowledge and understanding through service on boards and/or commissions. He needs to get experience and learn more about city service.

I feel that the obligations of his full-time job prevent his ability to have the time to represent the ward at City Council, committee, regional and city events as is needed now.

Budget issues--as they affect education, downtown development, retail and zoning issues as we now face them--need a more knowledgeable, experienced hand.

I therefore urge the people in Ward 4 to join me in exercising their right to vote, to reward Ms. Paolucci for her assistance with our issues in the past and assure ourselves the best possible representation as we face the issues of the immediate future.

Lawrence A. Davies


The Rev. Davies is a former Fredericksburg mayor.