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Duffy loves this town

Date published: 4/27/2014

Duffy loves this town

I've known Tim Duffy for more than 20 years--as a colleague at the University of Mary Washington, as a neighbor in College Heights, as the parent of two great kids and as a professional educator who serves as vice principal at my daughter's school.

On the basis of those associations alone, I'm confident in saying without reservation that Tim will make a strong addition to our Fredericksburg City Council.

As a small-business owner and as an environmentalist, I also know that Tim is the right person to support and promote business and environmental interests in the community, in a fair and balanced way.

Tim has served the Fredericksburg community well over the past three decades. He loves this town, and will work tirelessly to improve the quality of life not just for special interests, but for all who live here. We're fortunate to have him running for City Council.

Steve Watkins