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Good Friday column not humorous to reader

Date published: 4/28/2014

Good Friday column not humorous to reader

Donnie Johnston is a prolific writer with an enviable knowledge on a variety of subjects.

However, his Good Friday column (what timing!)--["Chuckles make for a happy Easter," April 18]--clearly showed a lack of understanding of what the Catholic Church labels "Eucharistic miracles."

If he had done a smidgen of research, he would have learned that these Eucharistic miracles have been numerous and well-documented over the centuries in different parts of the world.

I was fortunate to visit this past September the site of a miracle from 1247 in Santarem, Portugal. Also a product of the often maligned teaching nuns, I must say I have never heard of "the boy drowned in blood" story that was cited.

Hopefully, with some investigative work, Mr. Johnston would have realized that the topic had no place in a humor column and, consequently, that a great number of his readers would be horrified and insulted.

Coincidentally, the editorial page editor, in his Easter Sunday editorial, offered an appropriate counterpoint when he quoted the words of writer Rod Serling about "the strange and perverse disinclination to believe in miracles."

Kathleen McCabe Mahoney