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Second Amendment makes it clear

Date published: 4/28/2014

Second Amendment makes it clear

A better title for Rob Huffman's article in Sunday's Free Lance-Star should have been: "My Liberal Ideology Trumps the U.S. Constitution." Mr. Huffman's understanding of this country's founding document and the history surrounding that document is dubious at best.

Put aside all his skewed statistics, hand-wringing emotional regurgitations and "bile rising" in [his] throat and examine the Second Amendment's pivotal phrase: "shall not be infringed." In legal circles there is an oft-used phrase: "Let the statute speak for itself." One cannot misunderstand the founders' intent with those four words.

The genesis of the philosophical right to bear arms finds itself in English common law's right to defend one's self and the resistance to oppression. The right to bear arms was essential when our nation was in its infancy as a protection against a tyrannical government that would conduct warrantless searches of personal property (does the NSA sound familiar?), use the institutions of government to suppress the voice of the citizenry (IRS anyone?), and, force subjects to pay exorbitant taxes to fund a detached and out-of-control government (Obamacare anyone?).

Mr. Huffman, we gun owners couldn't care less if you respect us; we stand for our rights with no apology. But liberals, bile in their throats and all, need to understand that when the Constitution of the United States clearly states "shall not be infringed," you will not infringe upon that right.

Sean McLaurin