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Friesner understands how government works

Date published: 4/30/2014

Friesner understands how government works

On May 6, residents of Ward 3 will vote to elect a new representative to City Council. We have a choice between Tim Duffy and Richard Friesner.

Both men, residents of College Heights, are educated, respected, dedicated to their families and churches and want to serve on the Council. However, in my opinion, the better candidate for the job of representing Ward 3 is Richard Friesner.

Richard is supportive of our city's school system and knows the value of a quality education as an administrator at George Mason University.

He has volunteered his time in civic activities, such as service on the Wetlands Board and the Board of Zoning Appeals, and is currently serving as chairman of the Planning Commission.

More importantly, Richard is actively involved in our College Heights neighborhood, currently serving as a volunteer on our Civic Association's board of directors.

In this capacity, I have had the pleasure of working with him over the past several years and have observed his work ethic. He is fair and impartial. He has a firm grasp of how city government works without being entrenched in the system.

He understands economics and budgets and envisions great things for our city. He has promised to actively seek economic development through the public/private sector, rather than solely turning to the real estate tax for revenue.

Richard Friesner has proved that he is committed to serving our neighborhood and the city and he has the experience necessary to be an effective member of City Council; for these reasons, he has my vote on May 6.

Meredith Beckett