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Duffy has been an educator and mentor

Date published: 4/30/2014

Duffy has been an educator and mentor

I have known Tim Duffy ever since he was a student at Mary Washington College in the early 1980s. I've followed his career over the past 30 years and note that this longtime resident of Fredericksburg has compiled an enviable list of accomplishments, all of which make him an ideal candidate for Fredericksburg's City Council.

Not only has he taught in the city schools for decades, but he has also served as a school administrator and has volunteered for a number of local organizations.

I have attended several of Tim Duffy's talks. He is intelligent, articulate and well-informed. I have noticed, too, that it is not only voters who catch his attention. As an educator and mentor to countless young people, he is well-known in schools and in the community. I hope residents of Ward 3 support him on May 6.

Jack Bales