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In Spotsy, it's time to call tax hike what it is

Date published: 5/1/2014

In Spotsy, it's time to call tax hike what it is

This letter is in response to several articles written on the Spotsylvania County tax increase ["Spotsy approves tax rate increase," April 16].

While I do not favor an increase in personal property tax rates, I understand it may be necessary in the short term to raise the necessary revenues for the immediate budget requirements.

What is really irritating is the county supervisors trying to sugarcoat the tax increase by stating we will be paying less in taxes as long as we don't buy a new vehicle. This is an absurd justification on many levels.

A resident will have a decreased tax burden on current vehicle/property only because it is depreciating at a faster rate than the rate of taxation.

The supervisors should have some moral courage and call it what it is--a tax hike.

Stating that we won't pay more in taxes if we don't buy a new car is disincentivizing the purchase of new vehicles, which will further deepen the economic malaise we currently face (the reason not to increase tax rates).

Be men and women of courage: Just state it like it is.

Hal Gibson