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Paolucci has looked out for her constituents

Date published: 5/1/2014

Paolucci has looked out for her constituents

I live in Ward 4 in Mayfield and wholeheartedly support and endorse the re-election of Bea Paolucci for City Council.

She has been an exceptional representative. With her fingers on the pulse of this community, she is an attentive listener, knowledgeable councilor, responsive, available and accountable. Her passion for Ward 4 residents and their quality of life involves and includes every strata, youth to seniors.

Recently the increased volume of rail transportation of hazardous materials nationwide has greatly impacted the safety and environment of residents on Railroad Avenue, 100 yards from the rail yard. In response to our concerns, Mrs. Paolucci immediately picked up the mantle of former state Sen. Edd Houck's successful intervention for a solution and with the city's help is successfully communicating and negotiating with CSX to alleviate this problem.

Mrs. Paolucci has proved that her dedication, compassion and productivity make a difference. Let's re-elect her!

Pauline Johnson