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Reader 'ashamed' over fracking opposition

Date published: 5/2/2014

I read Jill D. Stopka's April 22 letter with dismay and shame for our society's selfish and cowardly approach to fracking in King George County ["Virginians urged to say 'no' to fracking"].

From elementary school, I learned of the brave pioneers who built our country by traveling in covered wagons, braving bad weather, fierce animals and Indian attacks.

Other courageous Americans labored in other dangerous environments to make this country what it is today. But now, when the country suffers under the depredations of expensive and scarce energy, we as a society simply want to change nothing anywhere, continue to live without the slightest bit of risk, and thus oppose fracking, uranium mining, power line construction and even humble gravel pits to build our roads.

Unlike the writer, I live in King George County, and I say, "Bring it on!" Noise? I grew up two blocks from a rail yard where switch engines built trains day and night, causing loud crashes when railcars collided with each other to hook up the hitches. We got used to it, and slept right through it with open windows.

Water contamination? A scarecrow of the anti-energy left, as the fracking takes place at depths far below the water table.

Traffic hauling materials to and from drilling sites? This is Virginia; we know how to handle traffic.

And yes, the six-figure jobs are available to anyone who wants to work. The Bakken oil fields in the Dakotas will accept you right now for jobs that eventually, with experience, lead to those six-figure incomes. They are not engineering jobs, but workmen's jobs involving drilling and truck driving.

So, reflexively oppose everything anyone tries to do, and condemn your fellow citizens to continued poverty in your fear and selfishness. I am ashamed for us all.

David P. Head

King George