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U.S. suffering ill effects of 'Clintonomics'

Date published: 5/4/2014

U.S. suffering ill effects of 'Clintonomics'

I wholly agree with Deo T. Hardman's letter decrying the lack of nerve our politicians show in confronting our perpetuating recession, as well as their lack of a clue ["Need a raise? Welcome to the real world," April 22].

Among the most clueless and most culpable is the long-out-of-office Bill Clinton.

For one thing, he glibly sold the country on according China the coveted most-favored-nation trading status.

Now our trade deficit with a forced-labor totalitarian regime directly influences our national deficit and thus our national debt: The money we spend on Chinese goods leaves our economy for good.

For another thing, Clinton jimmied with the unemployment statistics so the long-term out-of-work are no longer counted in the labor force and thus are surreptitiously avoided when calculating the unemployment rate.

Our nation is reaping the bad seeds sown by Clintonomics.

Christopher M. Ellis