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Tax foes endangering Spotsylvania's future

Date published: 5/4/2014

Tax foes endangering Spotsylvania's future

The Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors budget hearing on April 3 contrasted how similar facts are viewed by different economic interests and forgetful generations.

Startling were the many who reaped the benefits of public education but were unable to reflect upon and thank prior generations who helped make it happen.

Did I hear selective amnesia at work trying to justify not paying for future generations to have benefits complainers receive today?

The young with lengthy futures and hopeful plans want access to fine educations. One insightful student noted that today's high school students will be supervisors when today's supervisors are looking for help and benefits during their twilight years.

The no-tax-increase crowd ranged from those decrying our society for providing too many entitlements (at the same time many accept tax-subsidized cost-of-living increases) to those who have lived here all of their lives, having little use for helping newcomers.

Forgotten by the former is they were educated at taxpayer expense and had access to entitlements of their day. Forgotten by the latter is they also had access to taxpayer-supported education and entitlements and benefit from medical care provided by the newcomers.

Both share a common trait--an unwillingness to pay for succeeding generations to acquire skills to become self-supporting and productive caretakers of the living.

Ronald N. Fiske