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Scientific evidence trumps religious views

Date published: 5/6/2014

In February, Bill Nye and Ken Ham debated the validity of creationism as a viable model of origin in today's modern scientific era.

Bill Nye, being the "science guy," took the negative stance, while Ken Ham, the founder of the creation museum, took the positive.

The almost three-hour debate could have been settled when the moderator asked this one question: What, if anything, would it take to change your mind?

Bill Nye's answer was "evidence," while Ken Ham answered--and I am paraphrasing--"Since I am a Christian, nothing will change my mind."

Ken Ham's answer is the main reason why creationism should not be taught in our public schools--not just because creationism and intelligent design is based on religious ideals, but because it refuses to take evidence into account.

Science is all about evidence, which is why science changes; it adjusts to the evidence that is discovered.

Science is not a left-wing conspiracy, as many like to claim. Refusing to accept the evidence that exists is not an argument. This goes for evolution as well as climate change.

Just because the facts and evidence go against your religious or political views does not make them any less valid.

I would like to add that attempting to teach creationism in public schools is an insult to all of the scientists who spend years of their lives learning, studying, researching and making new discoveries that not only explain this wondrous world we live in, but also enhance our lives that we take for granted on a daily basis.

Michael Eppers