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'Tolerance' isn't for the truly free

Date published: 5/7/2014

'Tolerance' isn't for the truly free

I concur with most of John M. Crisp's observations on the Pledge of Allegiance ["Patriotism isn't defined by rote recitation," May 2].

Does the Pledge of Allegiance expire? Does it say, "Until tomorrow"?

Yet, even if you've said it a thousand times, as I have, there's always a demand to say it again.

How meaningful can it be if yesterday's pledge is not proof enough of patriotism today? But I disagree with Crisp's suggestion to change "under God" to "with tolerance."

James Madison, a champion of religious freedom, saw tolerance as conferring permission, whereas truly free people exercise their rights. Tolerance comes from those in power. Rights come from God.

Steve Dunham