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Stafford stormwater tax will be unfair to some

Date published: 5/8/2014

Stafford stormwater tax will be unfair to some

The proposed Stafford County stormwater management tax (deferred by the Board of Supervisors when approving the operating budget at its April 28 meeting) needs a hard re-look ["Supervisors OK Stafford budget," April 29].

Currently, Stafford County subdivisions developed in the past 15 to 20 years were required to include stormwater management provisions geared to protect runoff of hazardous pollutants that find their way to the Chesapeake Bay.

For example, when Leeland Station subdivision is completely built out, it will have one wet holding pond and five dry holding ponds to aid in prevention of pollutants reaching the bay.

These ponds must be maintained in accordance with current Virginia and Stafford County regulations and rules and undergo annual compliance inspections by county inspectors, for which Stafford County charges an inspection fee.

Of course, the funds for maintaining the ponds and paying inspection fees is budgeted by the homeowners association and portioned from association dues and assessments.

So, in fact, communities like Leeland Station already contribute to stormwater management, while older subdivisions or individual lots built before stormwater management regulations and rules were in place do not.

I personally support all efforts to return the Chesapeake Bay to its once-pristine state. However, the across-the-board stormwater management tax for each county residence will cause some residents to pay more than their fair share.

Stafford County staff and the Board of Supervisors need to look at the proposed tax and develop an equitable solution, and do so without delay.

Jim Loftus


The writer is chairman, board advisory committee, Leeland Station Community Association.