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Thanks to firefighters for saving our homes

Date published: 5/9/2014

One evening recently, our neighbor's shed across the street from our house caught fire. We had just turned in for the night when our two standard poodles broke out in fierce, panicked barking, alerting us to the fire.

The shed was situated next to the property lines and to two other homes.

After calling 911, we went outside. Fortunately, our other neighbor, Mike Gutridge, fire chief of Oak Grove, had just come home and was on the scene alerting dispatch by radio on the speed and condition of the fire. It was spreading fast and was very hot!

He was first on the scene, with Pat Fitz-gerald of the Colonial Beach Rescue Squad. Pat and her colleagues saved our elderly neighbor, who was sleeping through the fire.

We want to thank Mike, Pat and the fire departments that responded from Montross, Oak Grove and King George to assist Colonial Beach's fire department.

Without the expertise and speed of the fighters subduing and extinguishing the fire, three of my neighbors might be homeless right now.

Instead, we have three sheds that are burned out and three houses with fire damage that can be repaired.

We thank all who helped.

Zeke and Kate Miller

Colonial Beach