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Visitor didn't find much hospitality downtown

Date published: 5/9/2014

Visitor didn't find much hospitality downtown

Last weekend my husband and I traveled to Fredericksburg after a week of business in Baltimore. We like visiting Fredericksburg because of its historic presence and proximity to the Civil War battlefields. We also like to shop in the historic section, particularly for antiques.

I have to say, with regrets, this visit was once again without convenient accommodations. It seems that the only freely accessible public restroom in your town is at the Museum Store.

The antique shops, restaurants or boutiques didn't allow the use of their restrooms. Feeling an immediate and unplanned desire to find a restroom, I was met with something less than Southern hospitality.

When I finally arrived at the Museum Store (the museum itself declined usage of their restrooms), I was ready to burst. The clerk was clearly annoyed with my request. She furled her eyebrow at me and pointed to the doors at the back of that shop.

I got the sense that every store and restaurant in town wanted nothing to do with the public's need to use a restroom from all the signs posted in the windows.

I think it is time for your merchants to stop this inhospitality.

In Germany all the restaurants have to allow travelers unfettered access to their toilets, no questions asked, and no hoity-toity attitudes of contempt, no need to purchase anything. I think that's a whole lot more civilized.

If this practice continues, I will forever sour and never wish to visit Fredericksburg again. This was my fourth visit, and each time I have visited, I have been reminded of how inhospitable these merchants truly are toward us folks who are looking forward to spending some money.

Liza Morado

Tacoma, Wash.