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John Paul II's sainthood could change your life

Date published: 5/11/2014

John Paul II's sainthood could change your life

If Pope John Paul II is now a saint, be careful! It might change your life. It can be a slippery slope to conversion. It might change your life because of all of the related beliefs.

If John Paul is a saint, then there is a heaven and there is a hell. Then there must be a God and all the beliefs that go with it.

Most of us knew who St. John Paul II was. Our family was lucky enough to even see and hear him when we were in Rome.

Pope Francis adds greatly to John Paul II's canonization because Francis is popular, even with those who don't realize that both popes have the same faith and beliefs that the Church has had for 2,000 years.

Pope Francis has a fresh approach and doesn't want to focus on the controversial beliefs like abortion, contraception and marriage. Pope Francis wants the Church to show her love to everyone and welcome all into the Church first.

Francis gave the analogy of the Church as a field hospital on a battlefield. When people come with wounds, you don't treat them for high blood pressure or cholesterol.

In other words, Pope Francis holds firm on the controversial issues of today, but sees the person first and the divisive issue second. See the sinner, not the sin. You can't love the sin, but you can love the sinner and that love can change their--our--life.

St. John Paul II had a famous saying: "Be not afraid." Mostly, do not be afraid to admit that we need God in our life. Like the other saints throughout history, John Paul II--and his Church, which was founded by Jesus Christ (no, not by the apostles or other humans)--probably also meant do not be afraid to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

After all, God knows the number of every hair on your head!

Chris Kaila


The writer is a CCD teacher at St. Mary in Fredericksburg.