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Term-limit politicians via ballot box

Date published: 5/11/2014

Term-limit politicians via ballot box

The distrust of our federal government has reached epic proportions. The gross incompetence and lies perpetrated by the current administration in domestic and foreign policy is without precedent.

The American people deserve much better from our "political class," which more often acts in its own interest instead of the nation's.

My friends, it is time to "throw the bums out," as we used to say in Brooklyn.

Because no party has a monopoly on producing incompetent self-aggrandizing politicians, we need not use precision to cut out the bad. Instead, employ the ballot box and a broad removal strategy to vote against any incumbent who has campaigned for the same office previously.

The good of our nation, and all we fought for, demands we alter our prior approach of voting for the "good" politicians. I submit that the whole barrel is the problem.

It is difficult to imagine anyone doing a worse job defining the U.S. foreign policy than that Chamberlain clone whose public career reached a zenith when "he voted for it before he voted against it."

Or could anyone envision a worse piece of legislation than Obamacare, which both of our U.S. senators voted for (before reading)?

Or, closer to home, how about a "quick-change" politician, who has voted with Reid/Pelosi/Obama straight down the line and now wants to present himself as a moderate Virginian?

I urge all of us thinking, taxpaying, unapologetic Americans to step up and "throw the bums out."

Then, we can achieve the objectives of term limits, but only if we look skeptically on the promises politicians make while remaking themselves at election time.

Joe Spero