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Raising local tax rates is cause for concern

Date published: 5/11/2014

Raising local tax rates is cause for concern

We should all be concerned that almost all of the local county governments are raising our tax rates this year.

It was bad enough that they "equalized" our tax rates for the past several years while they proclaim they were keeping rates the same.

In fact, as the value of our homes was going down substantially, the boards of supervisors did not drop our rates, as they should have.

Now, with home values going back up--which is bringing more money into county coffers--they are raising rates? They never stop taking more of our hard-earned dollars.

But they do, however, lower proffer rates for developers? Why aren't more people speaking out?

And I am upset that the school systems are asking for tens of millions more dollars each and every year. This year the Stafford School Board asked for $17 million more, and when they got "only" $3 million more, they proclaimed their budget was "cut" by $14 million.

They even had the D.C. news stations reporting that Stafford County had "cut" its school budget. It was not cut. They never had the money in the first place. They were given an increase of $3 million.

Like all government departments, they make up a dream list of everything they would "like" to have. Saner minds look at the list and pare it down to what is practical.

Quit beefing and spend your money wisely.

Bob Buchanan