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They're not impressed with Dominion 'civism'

Date published: 5/12/2014

They're not impressed with Dominion 'civism'

Dominion Virginia Power's website extolls its "civism," which it defines as "good citizenship." Dominion says its "civism is demonstrated in many ways--from our environmental programs, community activities and charitable giving, to educational and energy conservation programs."

Dominion further says that "Environmental quality is inherently long-term. Dominion works to protect and enhance the economic and environmental quality of life Dominion is focused on meeting our customers' energy needs in an environmentally responsible manner. We know that today's operations affect tomorrow's environment."

Dominion's "civism" apparently does not extend to its neighbors, even those who are in residential zoned areas.

In November 2013, the company installed a transformer near our home that emits a constant 60-hertz buzz that is extremely annoying to us and four of our neighbors who signed on to a letter asking Dominion to try to mitigate the noise.

The noise can be heard throughout our home, and the local and regional substation supervisors who visited us both said they could hear the noise inside our home. Dominion conducted a sound study that (shocker!) concluded that the noise was within legal limits.

Elegantly crafted PR products may seem somewhat disingenuous to those who are denied the enjoyment and peace of their home and grounds by a constant whining buzz.

There are many products on the market intended to contain or mitigate noise. We would like to see CEO Thomas F. Farrell stand behind Dominion's statement that "Environmental stewardship is embedded in Dominion's culture and core values and is the responsibility of all employees." If justice and decency do not reside within Mr. Farrell, then they do not reside within Dominion.

Robert Sargeant and Maeve Sell