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Pols are looking out for No. 1 and big business

Date published: 5/13/2014

Pols are looking out for No. 1 and big business

Most Americans are followers and yet do not know what they are following. You follow your president. What a joke that is, as he is a puppet for big business, and all bills are passed not by your worthless representatives in D.C. They are passed by big business.

There is no such thing as a Republican or Democrat. There are just haves and have-nots; you and I are some of the have-nots. There are doers and losers, and you and I are the losers.

How it really works is big business proposes bills, and their puppets (our representatives in D.C.) push these bills through as law because they are receiving bribes from big business.

The name of the game is money, and who gives a damn about the average American?

Those elected officials represent only their bank accounts and big business. They only want you to provide them with cannon fodder in time of war; while you are out doing their fighting and dying, they are getting rich.

Remember, in time of war, big business profits shoot way up and you do not profit from it. So, when the next war comes around and they start to call up people to fight, have your loved one go north to find a job and earn some money for profit.

Let the rich and their children die for a change.

Mike Brindock