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Outrage over speech profits someone

Date published: 5/13/2014

Outrage over speech profits someone

As we have our coffee this morning, the back conference rooms in law offices across America are filling to capacity. There is new money in the wind, and strategies are developing to be first in line.

I'm referring to the NBA and Donald Sterling's language. I'll define "language" as the sound that springs from a throat.

As we are aware, Sterling spoke, people spun into apoplexy and money began to change hands. If you're a good injury attorney, the bells and whistles have gone off and it's time to reap this new phase in American correctness.

A little advertising, and these attorneys could find somebody offended by someone's language. And, as it stands now, that could be cash in the bank, maybe big cash in the bank.

What does that mean for you and me? Watch what you say, avoid conversation with strangers, avoid conversation with anybody, avoid adjectives and adverbs in relation to any aspect of the human condition. Beware that the sounds from your throat could translate into the jingle of coins from your pockets to others.

Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will surely pauperize me.

Jim Reid