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Cartoon mocked Benghazi questions

Date published: 5/14/2014

Cartoon mocked Benghazi questions

I am confused and concerned. For the second time in a week, the cartoon on the editorial page of The Free Lance-Star has tactlessly mocked the Benghazi tragedy.

Here we have an unprecedented lapse of our own government to protect our own ambassador and the agents sworn to protect him. Four people died, including the ambassador.

President Obama published a false scenario until caught in his lie, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to let armed forces go in to protect those in danger who begged for assistance.

Both have attempted to avoid any investigation of wrongdoing. Congress has more than once tried to get to the bottom of the scandal, and the FLS mocks those sincerely concerned, as stereotypical boobs.

These knee-jerk depictions are as insulting as they are unfunny.

Whatever became of journalism's quest for the truth? You should be ashamed.

Kathleen Macmanus