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Dave Brat over Cantor

Date published: 5/14/2014

Dave Brat over Cantor

For years I have been a loyal Eric Cantor supporter. Since he first ran for his seat in Congress, I have been the first one in line to stand up and carry his message, but as I become more in tune with his actual voting record, the more I feel betrayed and let down by our congressman.

When I look past the political rhetoric and the carefully chosen sound bites, I come to the realization that actions speak louder than words.

It is time for new representation. Eric Cantor couldn't be more out of touch with his constituents. He has demonstrated time and time again that the special interests outweigh the interests of the people in his district.

He supports amnesty for illegal immigrants, refuses to take a stand against corporate welfare and even supported fully funding Obamacare.

We need a congressman who supports small business over big business. We need a congressman who is a true fiscal conservative. We need a congressman who understands our broken economy.

We need Dave Brat to represent us in Washington. Mr. Brat is a Ph.D. economist and is the chairman of the Economics and Business Department at Randolph-Macon College.

I will no longer stand behind Eric Cantor just because he is Eric Cantor.

On June 10, make the time to get out and vote for Dave Brat for Congress.

Annette Truelove

Charles City