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Suddenly, we're afraid of federal bankruptcy?

Date published: 5/15/2014

Suddenly, we're afraid of federal bankruptcy?

Well, well, here we are again. Yet another month has passed and with it a total forfeiture now of $600 million that could have gone to help the 400,000 Virginians without medical coverage.

Among the nonsequiturs our local delegate and House Speaker Bill Howell uses to justify this travesty is his concern that the federal government will go bankrupt and funding will disappear.

This concern, however, doesn't seem to extend to the millions upon millions that flow into Virginia every year from a variety of federal programs.

Did you know that in 2010, Virginia was second only to Alaska in federal largess? Wow, Virginia was, and probably still is, No. 2 in the nation in federal receipts, yet you don't see Howell all in a dither over losing that funding, do you?

No, and that's because Howell knows that the bankruptcy of the federal government is an impossibility given our monetary system, which can simply print money when it needs it.

Curious, don't you think, that Bill Howell absolutely refuses to take federal money for our most needy families, friends and neighbors, but seems happy as a clam with taking it for everything else--and he sure didn't hesitate to take that $50,000 from the Koch brothers to help himself, did he?

It kind of makes you wonder just whose interests this guy actually represents, doesn't it?

W. Barry Clark