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If you believe in climate change, seek carbon tax

Date published: 5/15/2014

Will many people read the National Climate Assessment released earlier this month? Probably not.

Most of those professionally involved with the climate believer/denier catfight will read it; they're getting paid to comment on it. But regular people? Not likely.

Most people have already made up their minds about global warming and whether human activity is largely responsible. They don't need to read another darn report!

That's my feeling. I've been a solid believer for years and have written many letters to the editor about it in hopes of persuading others, but I'm done with that.

Because I live in Virginia, I've read the section of the NCA that covers the Southeast United States to learn more about documented changes and the consequences we can expect.

And because Virginia is in the far northeast corner of the region, I read the section about the Northeast region, too. Any Virginian will find these two sections worth reading.

People who believe in anthropogenic global warming know that nationally coordinated action to lower greenhouse gas emissions should begin ASAP. Climate change has put the world in a "pay now or pay (more) later" situation.

The most feasible and effective action would be to impose a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

All climate-change believers should write a brief letter today urging their congressmen to vote for placing a revenue-neutral tax on carbon-based fuels this year. They might, if you write; they probably won't if you don't.

Bob Lindsey