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Ryan budget does more than borrow and tax

Date published: 5/16/2014

Ryan budget does more than borrow and tax

I would like to address two points in Michael Hiltzik's April 19 column ["Your money's safe--unless Ryan has his way"].

The first point concerns his overall theme, which is represented in the "Shortfall? What shortfall?" question given above the column's main headline.

In 2009 I attended a presentation on Social Security given not by a congressional Republican intent on stealing the proletariat's money but by the head of Social Security's Richmond office.

The man clearly stated that if Congress did nothing to address coming shortfalls, Social Security would have to cut their payments by 25 percent by the year 2033.

I recently heard this "25 percent, 2033" citation again, from a separate news source.

Second, Comrade Hiltzik presents a world where the rich (he gives no specific income level to define rich) pay the income taxes and the middle and working classes pay the payroll taxes--100 percent, to quote him.

This 100 percent is not accurate--the middle and working class pay 50 percent of the payroll taxes while their employers (rich maybe, middle class maybe, working class, not likely but possible) pay the other 50 percent.

At least Rep. Ryan is proposing something to address our budget problems rather than relying exclusively on the Treasury's ability to borrow and tax without limits, something Americans (rich, middle and working class) would not enjoy.

John K. Wallace