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Development making homeowner think twice

Date published: 5/16/2014

My family and I are proud that we have been in the area for almost 20 years. However, we residents of the Heritage Hills subdivision in Spotsylvania County have recently been informed of a proposed development adjacent to our subdivision by a Northern Virginia developer named Integrity Homes.

While I am sad to see a development essentially abutting my rear fence line in what is now a pasture where horses graze, deer browse, turkeys flock and foxes and the occasional coyote run, I realize time marches on.

What is puzzling to me, however, is that we were told several years ago that the then-proposed Spotsylvania Bypass was blocked from going through the same field as it was a wetland (part of it certainly is) and also because it runs between two neighborhoods--ours and the area immediately to the south.

The current property owners, who have been great neighbors, advised us years ago they never intended to leave. As I said, times change and they have a right to sell their property.

The circumstances make me curious to know the sale particulars that will become public record and what if any promises have been made by the county to the developers for rezoning that land.

It seems as if a quid pro quo could be in place here that nobody has been been made aware of.

Finally, the developer plans to use a single access road in and out of the proposed 134-home parcel. That road would enter into this development and place a burden of hundreds of additional vehicles onto what is not a county-maintained road.

My wife and I have looked forward to a long association to this area as we are in our "dream home." Those dreams, unfortunately, may need to be better expressed in North Carolina if what seems by the smell test to be dark-of-night shenanigans.

David James