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Stafford's Founders Day was enlightening

Date published: 5/18/2014

Stafford's Founders Day was enlightening

Congratulations to the North Stafford/Garrisonville Rotary Club and the Stafford 350 Committee for an outstanding job of planning and organizing the Stafford County Founders Day Parade and History Square on May 3.

Having observed several of the Rotary's planning meetings over the past year, I appreciate what an enormous task producing this event was.

Founders Day was a wonderful opportunity to learn about Stafford's rich heritage while enjoying a beautiful day outdoors. Thank you, North Stafford Rotary and Stafford 350 Committee.

There are several more events celebrating Stafford's 350th anniversary, including the continuing history lectures presented by the Central Rappahannock Regional Library and the Wings and Wheels Festival at Stafford Regional Airport on Oct. 18.

Visit stafford350.com for details on all of the celebrations.

Nelda Mohr