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Developers want a pyramid scheme

Date published: 5/18/2014

Developers want a pyramid scheme

Now it's official: The Fredericksburg Area Builders Association wants a type of pyramid scheme where the winners are the developers and their customers, and the losers are county taxpayers.

That's the takeaway from FABA president Danna Middleton's May 8 commentary ["If money's tight, hike tax rate or cut services"].

This policy of unjust enrichment for them and ever-rising taxes for us was all we had until proffers began. Now, just when proffers are almost at a level that eases the burden of development-mandated infrastructure off the back of the taxpayers, FABA wants to turn back the clock.

Sadly, they've been helped to do so by the votes of the Spotsylvania County Planning Commission. Now, to add to the insult, the very taxpayers who have been shafted with these costs that developments should have been paying are not invited to the proffer-review table.

Somebody tell me: What are we paying these commissioners for? The developers will walk all over us any chance they get without paying the Planning Commission to help them do it.

Rupert Farley