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Howell, others want to make ACA fail

Date published: 5/19/2014

Speaker of the House Bill Howell is crusading to block Medicaid expansion in Virginia required by the Affordable Care Act (not "Obamacare").

He alleges that the ACA is a "broken system." Does the fact that a computer system failed mean the entire system is broken?

I wonder how much political energy it would take to fix this broken system. Less energy than it has taken Congress to try dozens of times to have it repealed? Less political energy than it takes to bring the commonwealth to the brink of a wholly manufactured budget crisis?

Mr. Howell says that Virginia should "explore an alternative approach to covering those in the coverage gap," yet he has never to my knowledge championed any sort of health care reform. His desperate reaction is motivated purely by the desire to see the ACA fail.

While he fights tooth and nail to maintain the status quo where "health care" corporations put profits first and patients dead last, the commonwealth is losing millions of dollars of federal money going to other states that have accepted the ACA--money that should rightfully be coming to Virginia to help the 400,000 fellow Virginians who have no health care coverage.

The people of the commonwealth deserve bipartisan leadership that propels them toward a more healthy future, not reactionary in-fighting that holds them back.

Lucian Laurie

King George