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UMW 'green' effort will hurt future students

Date published: 5/20/2014

UMW 'green' effort will hurt future students

Well, well, well! It appears that once again the lunatics are attempting to run the asylum.

The liberal, naive students at the University of Mary Washington want the university to withdraw its endowment from all companies that profit from fossil fuel production ["Students push 'green' endowment," May 8].

For a group of college undergraduates wanting to change the world, it goes to show that they are totally unaware of the "happenings" in the real world.

Any University of Mary Washington senior management personnel who agree to meet with such a group is falling into the politically correct group trap.

In addition, the protesters apparently have no idea about the long-range impact, both financially and politically. The worst part is that they do not care.

The fact that future students may lose scholarships if endowments are reduced matters little to them. The liberals think only about their agenda, and not about the impact it has regarding other individuals.

The Free Lance -Star is equally showing its liberal standing in publishing an article covering such a liberal group. Too bad the same effort is not done to address more pressing fiscal and economic issues.

Marvin F. Pixton III