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Honor mom by treating women respectfully

Date published: 5/21/2014

Honor mom by treating women respectfully

This is addressed to the men at church (especially those of you sitting beside your grown sons) who refused to offer your seat to my pregnant wife and at least one of our little ones in a packed, standing-room only, warmer-than-usual church: Going to Mass is nice, but your mother would not be proud.

To the men at Wegmans making crass jokes about vegetables as my pregnant wife and children walked by--and lacked the maturity to apologize until you saw her husband ready to swing at you--those roses for mom are nice, but your mother would not be proud.

Men: Honoring your own mother is great. I spent my day trying to make my wife and my mother feel appreciated and loved, and I'm sure you did the same.

But finding a semblance of your own mother in other mothers--especially pregnant mothers with a handful of children--and treating them with the respect you'd give your own mother is an even greater way to honor her on this day and every other day.

I feel privileged on this Mother's Day knowing that I have a son on the way, because clearly my community needs a revival of men who are raised right.

Adam J. Wiederman