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True scare tactic is 'hostage' budget

Date published: 5/21/2014

True scare tactic is 'hostage' budget

A good editorial staff thoughtfully presents the best and worst of all sides of an issue. A great editorial staff goes beyond that to interject innovative ideas and thoughts into the public discourse to potentially provide a path forward.

It seems the new FLS editorial staff can do neither ["Scare tactics," May 11].

I am not aware of anyone who insists the proposed Medicaid expansion and the pending Virginia budget must be coupled for either of the initiatives to be executable.

Indeed, they could easily be de-coupled, except that Gov. McAuliffe is concerned that Virginia Medicaid expansion could never be approved purely on its own merits.

So, the governor and the Senate continue to hold the state budget hostage, threatening to shut down the government, if the House doesn't acquiesce.

This same approach was the object of FLS editorial staff criticism when it was employed at the federal level. When McAuliffe employs the approach at the state level, the FLS lauds him.

"Scare tactics," an FLS editorial that actually exceeded the length of the "Mom's Day" editorial above it, was at least the sixth thoroughly one-sided FLS attempt to advance efforts to approve Medicaid expansion and heap glory on McAuliffe.

The editorial chastises Speaker Howell for his recent public statement on the need to hold the line on Medicaid expansion.

"The Howell letter is pure scare tactics aimed at older constituents," according to the editorial.

Is the FLS editorial staff so issue-blind that they cannot see and then decry the governor's own real "super scare tactics" in holding the state budget, all government programs and state employees' livelihoods hostage? How can anyone not see the parallels?

The editorial staff embarrassed itself and showed its real shortcomings with this editorial. Your readers and our public dialogue both deserve better.

Joe Littleton