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Fossil record offers more evidence than faith

Date published: 5/21/2014

In her letter of May 9, Margaret Craiger asked for an explanation of evolution and claimed that there is no evidence for it ["Creation from God, not science"].

The evidence is rather overwhelming, actually, with the transition fossils (missing links) in abundance. A day trip to the Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History would be in order to see a few.

She also asserts that evolution means we evolved from monkeys, an idea that comes not from the science, but from people who don't understand "common ancestor."

Let's say your great-great-great-grandfather had two brothers. Each had children, who had children, right down the lines to you and your extended family.

If you attended a reunion with the wider family tree, you would find that you have very little resemblance to your distant cousins despite having a common ancestor.

You would notice a lot of difference in height, coloring, talents and intelligence in merely six generations.

We are related to monkeys, but our common ancestor was eons ago, not just a few generations. The common ancestor with our closest cousins, the chimps, was millions of years ago.

We don't need faith to confirm this; it's evident in our shared DNA and the fossil record.

The Smithsonian is a far better place to learn of human history than the musings of the ancients. The wonders that science has discovered far exceed the myopic world view of any religion.

Marci Shaver

King George