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What about the victim?

Date published: 5/22/2014

What about the victim?

Richard Amrhine's May 11 "Eyes Open" column ["No headlines for the systemic racism in the U.S."] uses a common, old cliche--namely that there are a disproportionate number of minorities on death row.

To make his point, Mr. Amrhine uses the botched execution of Clayton Lockett.

I would ask Mr. Amrhine who Stephanie Neiman is and what happened to her.

For those more informed than Mr. Amrhine, Ms. Neiman was a 19-year-old woman who was kidnapped, shot twice with a shotgun and then buried alive by Mr. Lockett and his friends on June 3, 1999.

Prior to Ms. Neiman's murder, they also raped her friend multiple times while holding another person hostage for money owed them.

While Ms. Neiman was white, the majority of murders by African-Americans are committed against African-Americans (just look at the epidemic of violence in Chicago for a real-world example).

Do all these black murder victims and their families deserve justice? What say you, Mr. Amrhine?

Edward Wezain