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He sees dark side of Stafford rooms story

Date published: 5/22/2014

He sees dark side of Stafford rooms story

There was an interesting article in The Free Lance-Star on May 12 titled "Stafford tied for most rooms."

This article could hold a dark, deep purpose. It described a recent analysis of the U.S. Census.

The data include "whole rooms used for living purposes, such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms family rooms and enclosed porches suitable for year-round use."

With all the nonsense from the "progressives" and the Obama administration pushing the idiotic idea of "distribution of wealth," I'm thinking what could be next.

What if we are told that if we have vacant space in our homes, we must take in illegals, the homeless and the so-called disenfranchised? I'm reasonably sure you would not be too happy.

History shows that this very thing has happened in communist and socialist countries. We must not let these progressives continue to push their agenda or we could lose our individual rights and freedoms.

When it is time to cast your vote in November, do not vote for a particular party just because you have always done so, or because your father and his father have always done so. Start thinking for yourself.

Robert W. Sorrell