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Proffers needed for rezoned property

Date published: 5/23/2014

Proffers needed for rezoned property

I do not agree with Danna Middleton that all Spotsylvania County taxpayers should shoulder the burden of paying for capital improvements necessary to keep up with development ["If money's tight, hike tax rate or cut services," May 8].

Current zoning provides for moderate growth without proffers.

In her op-ed, Ms. Middleton seems to forget that proffers are voluntary. Proffers are voluntarily offered by a developer in exchange for a rezoning to a higher density than would otherwise be allowed on a piece of property.

If no rezoning is required for a development, no proffers are needed.

The current proffer system was developed several years ago when development was proceeding much more rapidly than the county could improve the infrastructure to accommodate it.

The current guidelines are the result of much research and effort by county politicians and staff.

Re-examining the guidelines periodically makes good sense. Loading the re-examining committee solely with people who stand to profit from reducing the amounts called for in the proffers may be legal but sure smells bad.

The committee needs to be reformed with members more representative of the community than just developers and real estate salesmen.

Bob Gramann