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Money won't solve all school problems

Date published: 5/25/2014

Money won't solve all school problems

I have read many articles about Stafford County school funding and letters about how the Stafford Board of Supervisors must not care because the BOS does not automatically give the school system every penny they request.

That idea is wrong. Why is it that Stafford County spends $10,000 per pupil, but Fredericksburg Christian School spends only $7,500?

Many parents would like to send their child to FCS because of the high academic standards and results.

The issue is not about valuation of teachers or caring about children's education. This is about stewardship of the community's funds.

The issue is that the Stafford School Board does not want to do their job and scrutinize the budget. The problem showcases how a bureaucracy requests increases but does not increase service.

Why are alternative schools thriving? The answer is because alternative schools must compete for funding and produce results, whereas the public school systems say, "We need more funding to improve."

The problem is that line is repeated every year, regardless of results or the economy.

Everyone cares about the education of our children. Those who use that as an argument have nothing of substance to add to the conversation.

I would give more of my money to the school system if we were first in the nation or if we had a high percentage attending the best colleges, but that is not the case.

Throwing money at a problem can no longer be the answer to our problems.

John Roche