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Free market not so great if you're on the outside

Date published: 5/25/2014

Free market not so great if you're on the outside

I hired someone a few years ago who shortly after taking the job became homeless. Eventually, he was sleeping under the Blue and Gray Parkway bridge and walking to work.

It was through him that I found out that every time he went to cash his paycheck he had to pay an $8 fee to my bank--BB&T, one of the largest banks in the world.

Because I have had a bank account for years I never knew this fee existed. It apparently affects only people without bank accounts--in other words, the working poor.

This is exactly the problem. Squeeze the people who are least likely or able to fight back--so we must do it for them.

When I contacted BB&T, their response was basically, "All banks are doing this."

Considering this money gouging and minor possession charges and suspended licenses because of failure to pay fines or fees, how are these people supposed to pull themselves up?

What does it say about our country when you get less jail time when you steal millions in an investment scam than if you rob someone in an alley for $20?

The free market is great for those who can afford to play the game; not so much for everyone else.

Terri Robertson

King George