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Schools, teachers, need full funding

Date published: 5/25/2014

Schools, teachers, need full funding

I read, with a little chuckle, the article about three Stafford County supervisors who addressed state transportation officials asking them not to cut $30 million for the fully funded Courthouse Road interchange project ["Stafford interchange backed," May 13].

"Fully funded?" I said to myself. It sure hurts to lose funding. Without full funding, the Courthouse Road interchange "just might" not be up to the quality expected or needed.

Stafford County school employees are quite aware of not "fully funding" the needs of the school system. Stafford's supervisors have, in reality, offered a pay cut to Stafford's school employees.

Because of higher health insurance rates, and no pay increase, take-home pay will be less; for some a lot less.

I wish I felt any angst for the Board of Supervisors, but I choose to offer my concerns to those who--again--are not appreciated by the Board of Supervisors.

Deborah W. Gregory