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Who needs Medicaid help? Look around you

Date published: 5/26/2014

Who needs Medicaid help? Look around you

The people who think there is no need to help those who would qualify for the Affordable Care Act via Medicaid should pay attention while shopping and eating in the Fredericksburg area.

Yesterday, I encountered two women who were going from Job 1 to Job 2 and are still having a very hard time making enough for bare necessities.

There are two problems: It is difficult to find a full-time job--40 hours a week at least--and the hourly wage is not enough to maintain even a meager lifestyle.

How is it we are blind to the struggles of our brothers and sisters? The waitress, the clerk, the beauty attendant, the fast-food server--these are but a few right in our midst who really need a helping hand.

Why can't folks like Bill Howell take a close look and then use our federal tax dollars to help those who can't afford medical care?

Patricia Piggee