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Without free speech, we devolve into anarchy

Date published: 5/27/2014

Without free speech, we devolve into anarchy

Here is the war on women: Students and faculty at Rutgers University in New Jersey protested Condoleezza Rice delivering the commencement address at graduation. Students even occupied the university's president's office.

Secretary Rice, in a show of finesse and class, withdrew because she didn't want to detract from the students' graduation ceremonies.

Rice's only crime is being a conservative African-American woman.

Her professional accomplishments are impressive: first African-American female secretary of state, National Security adviser, professor of political science at Stanford University, university provost and served on the National Security Council. Plus, she is an accomplished concert pianist.

Folks, we are a nation of diverse cultures, ideas and ideologies. When we seek to silence free speech and debate, when we seek to ultimately destroy those with whom we disagree, we have devolved into anarchy.

Where else but an institution of higher learning do we openly debate ideas and philosophies? If Thomas Jefferson, James Madison or Martin Luther King were alive today, they would hang their heads in shame!

Rutgers University can now boast a former basketball coach who allegedly abused his players, and a faculty and student body who abuse African-American women.

Sean McLaurin