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Dredging the river is essential for city

Date published: 5/27/2014

Dredging the river is essential for city

The Fredericksburg City Council is asleep at the helm. Anyone driving on Sophia Street can see the buildup of a large silt island opposite the old Embrey Power plant.

The river's current has been forced against that cut bank by this island.

This problem will add to the silt load downstream. A major downtown flood is not only possible but inevitable.

Funds for dredging should be the city's main concern. The City Council should study the flood of 1943 and then take into consideration the incredible amount of stormwater runoff created by upstream development since that event.

Both the Rapidan and Rappahannock rivers are drowned in silt, which will eventually reach Fredericksburg.

The clock is ticking, and any property owners near the river should contact their elected officials for action.

Vincent Paul Staley