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A couple of veterans have kind words for VA

Date published: 5/27/2014

I have been reading the recent news reports regarding the poor treatment at some of our country's Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics. If this is happening, it is indeed a travesty.

I am writing this letter as a Vietnam veteran and retired Marine.

In recent years I have experienced a number of health issues. During the last few years I have received services through our local Fredericksburg clinic and additional services at the McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond.

I have received all services in a timely matter and have been treated with the utmost respect. Indeed, the staff here in Fredericksburg knows me by name and my primary care physician has even called me at home to check on me. He has also taken time out of his busy schedule to fit me in without an appointment.

With the negative press going on, I would like to make sure that those who are giving quality service are recognized and thanked.

Edwin E. Martin