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The difference between losing and 'getting beat'

Date published: 5/28/2014

The difference between losing and 'getting beat'

This is regarding the May 13 article titled "Battle cancer, yes, but lose?--no way."

I thought the author, Laura Hutchison, created a well-written article, making an excellent point regarding people who have faced the battle with cancer.

When a person works so hard to do everything possible to rid their body of that horrible disease while also trying to maintain an active life with their family, friends and career, no one should ever state they "lost."

North Stafford High School had two strong examples in students A.J. Slye and Justin Whitaker. Those young men and their families fought the game of their life. They were winners in life and an inspiration for anyone who knew them.

As a high school coach, I used to tell my athletes that there is a difference in losing a game and getting beat.

You never want to be a loser. If you get beat, accept it with dignity knowing that, on that day, even your best effort could not defeat the opponent.

Margaret Lowry