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As area grows, are we paving paradise?

Date published: 5/28/2014

As area grows, are we paving paradise?

In my 11 years of living here in Fredericksburg, I have watched silently as a farm was turned into another subdivision, or a nice forest bursting to the edges with life was turned into a cold, lifeless, brick structure or a new shopping center.

But when is enough enough? How many stores or subdivisions do we really need? We are essentially killing ourselves by cutting down all of that vegetation that produces oxygen for us to breathe.

Why can't we just use that old empty lot or empty building or start building up instead of out?

I used to go to a farm every week to "go see the cows." I did that for a year or two and then poof, gone. Just like that, the farm was replaced--not by another farmer but by some developer who thought it was great to put another subdivision on the map. So again I ask, when is enough, enough?

Mathieu Ouellet


The writer is an eighth-grader at Dixon-Smith Middle School.